Welcome to Commercial Refinishers, Inc.™ in Durham, NC.  For more than thirty years, we have been Durham's choice for commercial and personal vehicle restoration, painting, and collision repair.

Our enormous auto body, painting and truck shop is located just off of Cheek Road in Durham, NC. With its high doors and ceilings and mammoth spray booth, the truck body shop can do body repair and painting on any truck or specialized vehicle including a fire truck, tractor, bus, heavy equipment or rv.

The layout and design of the shop were done specifically for service, quality and speed. Our staff has gone to great lengths to prove that our approach works. We strive to provide our customers with value, utilizing technology to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

Paint is applied in Commercial Refinishers'™ 64 foot heated crossdraft paint booth providing you with a clean, properly cured paint finish. High volume low pressure paint equipment delivers more paint to your vehicle (less waste). Trained painters use a full complement of DuPont® tints and finishes to match your vehicles color.